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Child Custody

Only an experienced child custody lawyer can advise you about your situation. No other single law case is more emotionally charged, heated, and potentially volatile than child custody matters. For many years, people have fought over their rights to obtain custody of their children when a relationship or marriage goes south.

An experienced child custody attorney, the Law Office of Mary Jo Pothier, will explain that the days of simply granting the mother custody over the children are long gone. These days, most jurisdictions follow the best interests of the child, whereby the court considers dozens of factors to ascertain where the child or children should live as their primary residence and which parent should be tasked with the responsibility of making important decisions in their lives. An experienced and well-versed family law attorney fighting on your behalf will explain the details of your case with the compassion, confidentiality, and care you and your family deserve. Only an expert can honestly tell you what your chances are.

At the Law Office of Mary Jo Pothier, I regard the father-child relationship is as important and beneficial as the mother-child relationship. Hence, gender-based discrimination in family court is unreasonable and grossly unfair.

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