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Child Related Issues

The Law Office of Mary Jo Pothier will be the first to respond and work diligently to free the rights of any child in need. When children are in danger, Mary Jo Pothier will be there at their corner to serve as a support system until justice is served.

Clients and their children often argue the most vehemently during divorces. For the benefit of your children, even if they may be the most challenging issues to resolve, they are also the most crucial.

The interests of your children will always come first in everything Mary Jo does. She will assist you in negotiating the best outcome for your child-related legal concerns and, if feasible, maintain family ties.

Call The Law of Mary Jo Pothier immediately to schedule a private consultation regarding your unique situation.

Success at the Law Office of Mary Jo Pothier isn’t determined by the number of years I’ve been in business; instead, it’s determined by how many lives I’ve touched, how well I’ve served my clients, and how many careers I’ve helped launch. Mary Jo is dedicated to protecting her client’s interests in court – it doesn’t matter who you are or what you have to offer. With Mary Jo, the child’s interest is the most important order of concern.

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