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Custody or guardianship is one of the most complicated scenes to handle during a divorce. It is always a confusing stage for the kids involved and the family.

In many cases, parents can negotiate a custody arrangement outside of court by working together with the kids’ best interests in mind. However, there are situations when one parent’s viewpoint on what is best for the kids is very different from that of the other.

It’s extremely likely that you won’t need a lawyer if you can sit down with the other parent of your child and work out the specifics of physical and legal custody, visitation, and child support. If you can’t, you could require both a mediator and an attorney, or even both. Mary Jo Pothier is at your service.

Success at the Law Office of Mary Jo Pothier isn’t determined by the number of years I’ve been in business; rather, it’s determined by how many lives I’ve touched, how well I’ve served my clients, and how many careers I’ve helped launch. Mary Jo is dedicated to protecting her clients’ interests in court—it doesn’t matter who you are or what you have to offer; with Mary Jo, the child’s interest is the most important point of concern.

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